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An Indexed listing of Electronic Engineering Component and OEM Equipment Manufactures

On this site you will find a wealth of knowledge regarding Analog and Digital Integrated Circuits; Memory, Processor and Programmable Logic IC's, Bus Interface IC's,
Passive, and Mechanical components; Resistors, Capacitors, Inductors and Sensors, EDA Software vendors,
Electrical Engineering Standards and Specifications, On-Line Publications, Computers, Power Supplies,
Electronic Enclosures, Chassis, Racks, Backplanes, Mother Boards, and Test Equipment manufacturers. New content is constantly being added and updated as the industry demands, but that's not to say we remove anything just because most consider it to be at its end of life (EOL). We aren't all bleeding edge and keeping this content around can be just as useful as the newest information to many.

We value the input of every visitor to this site

If you find outdated, erroneous or missing information please send an email to and action will be taken as needed. We especially value requests for articles or data on information that you have had trouble tracking down and will put all our resources toward getting that information posted in a timely manner.
A new feature *coming soon if interest is high* will be a showcase of unique products and designs that manufacturers and visitors want to share with the world. We all know that when something is unique, it is sometimes hard to get the word out as no one knows to look for it. Submit your article here and it will be posted with full credit to the designer/owner/maker.

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Providing detailed electronic design information regarding Interface, Form Factor, Computer, Cable, Processor and Embedded Buses.
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